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Javy Lopez, All-Star Catcher
Ive trusted my hands to PALMGARD for over 15 years
Javy Lopez has been wearing our Protective Inner glove since 1992

Available in Adult- left & right hand: S, M, L, XL, XXL & Youth- left & right hand: S, M, L, XL


Other Professional Players that have trusted their hands to PALMGARD.

                         JEFF MATHIS - ANGLES                                                       JOHN PACHOT                                                    MATT WIETERS - ORIOLES
                                                                                                                     SOMERSET PATRIOTS


                    TAYLOR TEAGARDEN - TEXAS                                        DAVID ROSS - BRAVES                                                 CHAD MOELLER - ORIOLES



PATENT #4748690

  • Helps prevent bone bruises and damage to soft tissue

  • Lessens the sting and discomfort of impact

  • Helps retain ball in glove- less rebound

  • Decreases the fear for the younger player

  • Especially protective during cold weather

The Protective Inner Glove is a protective glove specifically designed and patented for use inside baseball and softball fielding mitts. PALMGARD provides the needed protection for the critical areas of the catching hand of a ballplayer without sacrificing the players level of proficiency. The essential feature of the design is the shock-absorbing cushions covering the critical areas of the index finger and upper palm. The cushion consists of a non-springy material that is slow to return to its original contour and therefore reduces the rebound effect and helps retain the ball in the glove.
Mr. Charles H. Webster,  the inventor, devoted two years toward its development, primarily testing the materials used for the glove; especially the padding, the areas of the hand that are most often affected or injured, and the placement of the padding on the gloves. It was essential that the material used for the glove provide comfort, flexibility, and durability. This specially developed shock absorbing padding was chosen because it slowly returns to its original shape after ball impact, resulting in minimum rebounding effect. This padding is produced specifically for PALMGARD.

Additionally, using our Protective inner glove will allow you to practice and play with less pain during the beginning of the season as the padding makes catching a ball in colder climates more tolerable.  It also will extend the life of your favorite mitt.  As your mitt gets older and the leather gets worn, the sting from catching a ball will increase.  Using our Protective Inner Glove will allow you to get a few more years out of that trusty old mitt.  

Young girls and boys will have more confidence while learning how to catch as they will not feel the normal stinging sensation and won't be scared to catch the ball in the pocket.  While wearing our Protective Inner Glove, your budding young star will be practicing good catching technique and won't develop bad habits.  Both of our gloves are a must for children of all ages.

Our Protective Inner Glove is available in all black leather. Adult sizes range from S-XXL and Youth sizes range from XS-XL


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