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 5" Protective Wristband 


PALMGARD'S  Protective WRISTGARD is a new protective product that is great for players of all ages.  The WRISTGARD is sold in pairs with each pair containing two padded WRISTGARDs.  The padded WRISTGARD has a  7mm high-density shock absorbing pad inserted into one side of the wristband.  The wristbands are made of the highest quality knitted terry and are so comfortable, you won't even know you are wearing the extra protection.

While in the field, turn the padded WRISTGARD so that the pad is facing in while on your glove hand.  In this position, the padded side can protect against bad hops from ground balls and wild pitches if your are a catcher.

While batting, turn the WRISTGARD so that the pad is facing the pitcher on your bottom hand.  In this position, the pad is in a great position to protect your wrist or forearm against being hit by that inside fastball.

This is a great new product that you have to try.  You get the extra protection without any hard or bulky pad.  If you currently wear a wristband, you owe it to yourself to wear PALMGARD'S WRISTGARD for that added layer of protection.  

Key Benefits

  • Protects against wrist and lower forearm injuries from bad hops and bad pitches
  • High density shock absorbing padding
  • Soft and flexible with the highest quality knitted terry
  • Sold in 5" black, royal blue or red with white logo, pair


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